I have Listed Bank of America all routing number list which will help you quickly to find All USA routing number in few seconds.

Bank Of America Routing Number List 2017

This article holds all the detail and information of Routing Number/ ACH Number, SWIFT Codes, IBAN Number. Even you will find the general data related to the banks that are the highest ranking banks of the US. Thus these numbers are especially used during the transactions or transferring funds that can be based on personal or business purpose.

What is Routing Number? 

Routing Number is a 9 digit number that is present on the left side corner in the bottom of the check. This Routing Number is based on the account that is opened in the relative bank. The number changes according to the area and state.

Routing Numbers are used commonly for ACH and wire transfers (ACH means transferring money without using paper or cheques, cash etc). Routing numbers are sometimes referred to as "Check Routing Numbers", "ABA Numbers", or "Routing Transit Numbers" (RTN)

What is SWIFT Code Number? 

SWIFT Code is a 8 or 11 characters (numbers or letters) code that is used by international banks for identifying the specific bank and it is used worldwide. SWIFT Code is also referred as Bank Identifier Code (BIC). It is used for sending money to an overseas bank.

What is IBAN Number?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and BIC for Bank Identifier Code that is Your account number and sort code which is written in a standard, internationally recognised format. They help in the process of international payments automatically, making them faster, safer and cheaper.

What is ACH Number?

ACH called as Automated Clearing housing is the electronic payment system or process that helps to make payments or collects the funds electronically via ACH network with speed and efficiency.

ACH Number is 9 digits long and usually called "Routing number", "Electronic ABA routing number", "ACH routing number" or "Routing/Transit number" but there may be a change in it and you have to contact the bank for confirming it.


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What is Bank Of America?

The multinational bank and financial provider Bank Of America is one of the well known and famous banking corporation founded on October 17, 1904; 112 years ago (as Bank of Italy)February 1930; 87 years ago(as Bank of America), October 1998; 18 years ago(current).

Bank-of-America image

This banking company is one of the largest one and ranked on 3rd position in Forbes magazine 2010. The founder of this company was Amadeo Giannini that has it’s headquartered in North Carolina. The main competitors for Bank Of America Bank are  Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

The bank had about US6.148 billion assets under management on December 31, 2016. That is a big amount of millions of people in different branches that are located in America. They provide various facilities of online and internet banking. Consumers are benefited by various loan programs for house and finance needs along with other adjustable-rate first-lien debt loans etc.

Bank Of America has its 5100 banking centres, more than 16300 ATM centres and even mobile banking too. This bank holds less saving rates as compared to other ones. Even the bank has fewer rates for checking account than other banks.

If you have no information regarding your account number and the state through which you have opened the account, you can call and contact the customer service number. They will provide complete information related to your routing number.

The other facilities provided by Bank Of America is Wire Routing Number that is what an another name for Routing Number that transfers money by electronic payment similar to SWIFT or Federal Reserve Wire Network or the Clearing House Interbank Payments system.

How to transfer money by Wire Number? 

  • Sign in On Online banking.
  • Select the option for sending money to your account or someone else.

Just two steps and you can transfer money easily by the use of routing number. Well, the other one is transferring money by taking an appointment in any of the financial centers of Bank Of America.

What is Routing Number?

Routing Number that is even known as Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a 9 digit number that is generally mentioned in your chequebook and easily visible. Routing Numbers are used commonly for ACH and wire transfers (ACH means transferring money without using paper or cheques, cash etc).


If the bank has multiple branches, some of them have different routing numbers for different reasons or purposes. The easy way now you can find your routing number is an online method so that you can surely transfer money by all your assurance.

Keep in mind that all unions and financial institutions have routing numbers for a various paper transaction and electronic transactions too. So don’t get confused and insert same routing number for various transaction processes.



As the routing number or account number is significant for your banking process, you must not share it with other people unless and until you trust them and the connection they make is authentic.

According to the different cities related the routing numbers are various. Thus here are all routing numbers mentioned, so you can easily make out your transaction.

StatesRouting NumberWire TransferACH Number
Alabama (AL)051000017026009593051000017
Alaska (AK)051000017026009593051000017
Arizona (AZ)122101706026009593122101706
Arkansas (AR)082000073026009593082000073
California (CA)

North California

South California










Colorado (CO)051000017026009593051000017
Connecticut (CT)011900571026009593011900571
Delaware (DE)051000017026009593051000017
District of Colombia (DC)054001204026009593 054001204
Florida (FL)

Florida east

Florida West
















 Georgia (GA) 061000052 026009593 061000052
 Hawaii (HI) 051000017 026009593051000017
 Idaho (ID) 123103716 026009593 123103716
 Illinois (IL)


llinois Metro










 Indiana (IN) 071214579 026009593 07121457
 Iowa (IA) 073000176 02600959 073000176
 Kansas (KS) 101100045 026009593 101100045
 Kentucky (KY) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Louisiana (LA) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Maine (ME)011200365 026009593011200365
 Maryland (MD) 052001633 026009593 052001633
 Massachusetts (MA) 011000138 026009593 011000138
 Michigan (MI) 072000805 026009593 072000805
Minnesota (MN)  051000017 026009593 051000017
 Mississippi (MS) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Missouri (MO) 081000032 026009593 081000032
 Montana (MT) 051000017026009593  051000017
 Nebraska (NE) 051000017 026009593  051000017
 Nevada (NV) 122400724 026009593 122400724
 New Hampshire (NH) 011400495 026009593 011400495
 New Jersey (NJ) 021200339 026009593 021200339
 New Mexico (NM) 107000327 026009593 107000327
 New York (NY) 021000322 026009593 021000322
 North Carolina (NC) 053000196 026009593 053000196
 North Dakota (ND) 051000017 026009593051000017 
 Ohio (OH)051000017 026009593  051000017
 Oklahoma (OK) 103000017 026009593 103000017
 Oregon (OR) 323070380 026009593 323070380
 Pennsylvania (PA) 323070380 026009593 323070380
 Rhode Island (RI) 011500010 026009593 011500010
 South Carolina (SC) 053904483 026009593 053904483
 South Dakota (SD) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Tennessee (TN) 064000020 026009593 064000020
 Texas (TX)

North Texas

South Texas










 Utah (UT) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Vermont (VT) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Virginia (VA) 051000017 026009593051000017 
 Washington (WA) 125000024 026009593 125000024
 Virginia (WV) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Wisconsin (WI) 051000017 026009593 051000017
 Wyoming (WY)  051000017 026009593  051000017

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