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Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number List

Here in this article, I have listed Wells Fargo Routing number List of All states in the USA. I Have seen lots of people searching for Wells Fargo Routing number list for various states. But here in this article, I have included Wells Fargo Routing Number of all states together.

In this article Also Covered major States Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number like:

  • Wells Frgo routing number north carolina
  • Wells Fargo routing number Texas
  • routing number Wells Fargo California
  • Wells Fargo routing number Virginia
  • Wells Fargo routing number Washington
  • Wells Fargo routing number Georgia
  • Wells Fargo routing number Arizona

Wells Fargo Bank that is one of the largest banks in the US holding its headquarter in San Francisco, California is well known for international banking and financial services. It has its branch and hub quarters all over the country at different places. Since March 18, 1852, the bank was founded and still ongoing after 163 years.


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According to the market capitalization and assets related Wells Fargo ranks second and third largest banking company respectively. Wells Fargo ranks on the second position for home loans, mortgage/debt servicing and debit cards.

In the year 2016, Wells Fargo became the largest company by market capitalization. The employees working in the company that are in thousands of range have created 2 million fake accounts At the end of the year 2015, Well Fargo has surpassed the company named JP Morgan Chase in 2016. 

Wells Fargo is on 7th rank in Forbes Magazine Global 2000 that is the largest company in the US working for the public. The current result of Well Fargo’s success is because of merging Well Fargo’s San-Francisco and Minneapolis of Norwest Corporation in 1998 which is a great achievement for the company.

 As per the calculation, the company in December 2016 had 8700 branches and 13,000 ATM’s. Wells Fargo is working and providing its service in almost 35 countries and has about 70 million customers all over the world. 

According to the status of Wells Fargo’s name, it was considered as most valuable bank brand in the Banker and Finance study programs. But as in 2016, there were many scandals involved which were unauthorised for creating fake accounts.  Here was the time that bank has faced a large loss and lost its accreditation in Better Business Bureau. Investigations were carried out because of creating fake accounts by California attorney general for alleged identity theft

Investigations were carried out because of creating fake accounts without consents of any customers by California attorney general for alleged criminal identity theft. In December 2016, the company has revised its law and separated the CEO and chairman of the company. 

Currently when the company describes the reports and result shown of it is Community Banking, Wholesale Banking and Brokerage or Retirement. The banking services provided by Wells Fargo is in London, India, Dubai, Hongkong, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto. 

Key Points Of Wells Fargo Services:

  • As compared to other banking companies, Well Fargo charges lower rates.
  • It has higher checking rates.
  • You don’t need to bother for opening a new account in Well Fargo because it has very low rates for saving accounts.
  • The company have so many branches and hub quarters, so yo can easily connect and find it for your any queries or banking problems.
  • A small issue of having lesser ATM as compared to other banks.

How to get Wells Fargo Routing Number?

If you want to transfer money, there is the need of Routing Number which is also called as Transit Number, ABA number, SWIFT code. A routing number is a 9 digits number that is different from general account number that is visible at the bottom of the cheque.

Depending on savings accounts, IRAs, prepaid cards, the routing number is in specialised form and each has its own unique functions and specialities. Each branch of Wells Fargo has a different routing number. Thus the 9 digit routing number depends on the branch where you opened the account.

Here are the images for knowing your routing number easily. Routing Number is present a the corner on the left side of the cheque.

All it depends on the branch where you have opened your first account and if you are confused by any problem, you can call on the customer care number. For the wire transfer services, the transit number that is generally used is 121000248 for Ddomestic wires and for International wires it is WFBIUS6S.

StatesRouting Number
FLORIDA 063107513
 GEORGIA 061000227
 HAWAII 121042882
 IDAHO 124103799
 ILLINOIS 071101307
 INDIANA 074900275
 IOWA 073000228
 KANSAS 101089292
 KENTUCKY 121042882
 LOUISIANA 121042882
 MAINE 121042882
 MICHIGAN 055003201
 MINNESOTA 091000019
 MISSISSIPPI 062203751
 MISSOURI 121042882
 MONTANA 092905278
 NEBRASKA 104000058
 NEVADA 321270742
 NEW HAMPSHIRE 121042882
 NEW JERSEY 021200025
 NEW MEXICO 107002192
 NEW YORK 026012881
 NORTH DAKOTA 091300010
 OHIO 041215537
 OKLAHOMA 121042882
 OREGON 123006800
 RHODE ISLAND 121042882
 SOUTH DAKOTA 091400046
TENNESSEE 064003768






 VERMONT 121042882
 VIRGINIA 051400549
 WASHINGTON 125008547
 WASHINGTON D.C 054001220
 WEST VIRGINIA 121042882
 WISCONSIN 075911988
 WYOMING 102301092


See wells fergo headquarter and corporate office address with hours operation details you can find here  https://headquarterinfo.com/wells-fargo-hours-headquarters/


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